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Early Evening Dining in Dublin

Whether you’re catching a show at the theater, heading out for a night on the town, or simply enjoying a meal with friends, our Early Evening Menus are here to satisfy your cravings without emptying your wallet. Our attentive staff is here to pamper you with exceptional service, making your early evening dining experience truly special.


Fade Street Social Early Dining

Fade Street Social has two restaurants and a Cocktail Bar all under one roof.

The Main Restaurant takes pride in its modern Irish menu, focused on homegrown produce and flavour. The Early Evening Menu is priced at 2-courses €33 | 3-courses €39 and is available Wednesday - Saturday until 6:15pm.

Step into our Woodfired Restaurant, a relaxed and inviting dining space with dishes cooked with natural wood and embers. Here, you'll indulge in a more casual yet unforgettable dining experience. Early Evening Menu is priced at 2 courses €27 | 3 courses €32 and is available Monday - Friday until 6pm.

Rustic Stone Early Evening Dining

In Rustic Stone we are adding creativity and flavour to the finest Irish ingredients and serve great food in a fun, inviting and relaxed place. With an Asian-inspired menu, we have something for everyone.

Our Early Evening Menu is a selection of dishes that arrive together, choose your option: Meat, Fish, Vegetarian or Vegan. Menu is priced at €29.50 per person and is available Tuesday - Friday until 6pm


Brasserie Sixty6 Early Dining Choices

Brasserie Sixty6 restaurant is all about comfort food, it’s all the classic dishes done really well! A perfect spot for friends gatherings, large groups and family celebrations. We source great quality ingredients and put on the plate in an unfussy style, of familiar flavours that equates to delicious dining, at affordable prices.

Early Evening Menu is priced at 2-courses €27.50 | 3-courses €32 and is available Tuesday-Friday 12pm - 6:15pm

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